Friday, November 26, 2010

Airbrushed Birthday Cake w/ portrait and cartoon

Airbrushed Birthday cake with Portrait #9
A major Birthday Theme for a client that absolutely came out beautiful….The Challenge of a Multi-detailed Free-hand style Airbrushing with minimum

stenciling on a super soft and delicate butter cream frosting was major and a thrill. As I discuss the “ART Life I will show the steps to producing a Cakery Piece of Art.

But to be” Uber Spoony Gmeans to step out from the crowd and do things that aren’t normally thought of…to go where few artist has gone before. That is my mission statement and that is my goal.

I absolutely prefer to Airbrush Designs on Fondant frosting,…but wants and desires don’t often happen when coupled with budget, available time and plan ole client whimsy. Taking all that into account..I can and will still do a terrific job on any order that comes into Uber Territory.

My dedication and commitment to Uber Airbrush Cakery is brought up to even a higher degree by the fact that through the whole “WWW” (World Wide Web) there does not appear to be the kind of detail and color balance that I use on my Cakery Concoctions…not even on the cooking net work and channels,… shame, shame on them. But to my Delight!!

For more Incredible Art work from Spoony G taken to the extreme visit: …………………… …………………………..

F.Y.I: Art is the unceasing effort to compete with the beauty of flowers -and never succeeding. “Marc Chagall”

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Uber Airbrushed Fondant Cake Friesian Horse #8

Uber Airbrushed Fondant cake of Frisian Horse
Uber Airbrushed Cake of the Always Black Friesian Horse ........ Today one of the most expensive horses in Equestrian history.

Much before the design is done it is looking fairly bland and lack luster till the final touches and details are put it...The main reason Artist don't like to be watched, lol.

The very last thing is the lettering or Caligraphy...Al;ways a little bit of a "Pucker factor" til done....a lot can be done in a pretty short amount of time thanks to Uberairbrushing and a little planning....Hope you enjoyed this!!
Pride of the Flank Guard for the Roman Legions and valued to carry German Knights to the crusades...Today one of the most expensive horses in the Equestrian world.
F.Y.I: If you have Knowledge, let others light their candles at it---M.Fuller.

Visit "Uber-G's" Web site to see deeper into the world of a Professional slinger for hire at:

Uber-G goes into more detail on this project and with the human touch in his video on airbrushing cakes on YouTube

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Uber Airbrushed Fondant Cake Scottish Terrier #7

Phenomenal Uber Airbrushed Cake....Edible,Unique and Distinctive.
The subject for this Cake Decoration is the Uber Canine of the year.....The "Scottish Terrier"... Chosen by West Minister Kennel Club as best of the show for 2010.
This Black Scottish Terrier is a challenge to do due to its dark coloring.
The "Uber Art" is applied to Fondant Frosting...which is easiest of the frostings to airbrush... dark colors first..eyes,nose, deep shadows etc.....

Lettering is this case bold Gothic with script calligraphy to be added as final touch.......

....The base clours are applied before the high detail is added....

Uber G's remarkable use of Airbrushing Cake Designs is as fascinating to watch as it is to eat!
Visit: to see the incredible range of Uber Art that "Uber G" just keeps pumping out!!
For other Intriguing Designs and thought provoking Ideas Visit Uber G's studio Blogsite: This is some cool stuff!!!
F.Y.I: Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Airbrushed Birthday Cake with Script Lettering #6

This is a Cake project that Uber airbrush expert Gordie also know asUber-G” , formerly the artistSpoonyG”, will show you how this Airbrushed Custom scrumptious bakery magic is created.

This particular fondant Custom Birthday Bakery project starts off with the light blends of a pastel shade and basic drapery effects with heart and scallop motifs along edges of Uber-Cake to lay-down a nice foundation for preceding script calligraphy to be applied…delicately!

Secondary and farther color combinations in this cake art are airbrushed to aid in tasty color-fades and balloon effects to firm up Uber SpoonyG’s concept of lettering in his minds eye more, for the Lettering to be applied soon. Now the lettering is applied as well as tightening up and darkening any cursery design work along side the centre of focus” the lettering.” Come see more of Uber SpoonyG’s creative mind in other projects!! .

Artist “Uber SpoonyG” is one of a very few in the USA doing Highly detailed airbrushed Bakery Cakes…. This is a birthday theme, but you can order any theme, character or whatever your Imagination dreams up in this creative Cake Art. Let him know what you think..Fondant or butter-cream frostings! sure to catch all the fine detail design accents, they are pretty fun to make!

Arrangements to have Airbrushed Bakery Cakes designed for you, or as a project that you have in mind contact Gordon Jamison at 1-989-372-0303 …. Also thruUber SpoonyG’sweb-site at .

F.Y.I : Vision is the art of seeing things invisible to others.” J. Swift

Monday, December 28, 2009

Airbrushing Buttercream Frosted Bakery Goods #5

Hi....Spoony G here again creating Havoc & Sugar Powder Dust all up in this lovey thing we call LiFe!!

This is not my first delving into Airbrushing on Butter Cream Frosted Cakes, though I most normally custom airbrush on Fondant. I am a little behind in seasons here, but I thought you might like to see this test cake.

This design I created for today was for a "Spooky Halloween" party I attended in Belleville , Michigan ....truth be told, If I wasn't so darn sure there is not much custom airbrushing cakes out on the "world wide web"..... I'd be reluctant to show this one of many examples I have done.

It is incredibly hard to keep sharp lines and solid colors with out creating dings and pings...

in the frosting......a true nightmare in Sag-Nasty, Michigan. I hope you appreciate me opening myself to show you the pains of developing new techniques and methods,...but heck...whats Art for if not to share!!? I am merely only a apprentice to the greatest artist there ever was. Yes,i do mean God, find something to believe in, and then believe.

Arrangements to have a cake designed for you can be made at by calling 989 372 0303 ......and also thru artist at
FYI: Optimism: A cheerful frame of mind that enables a teakettle to sing even though its in hot water up to its nose.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Airbrushed Halloween Cakes4

Vibrant and Remarkable Custom Airbrushed Cakes...... Another All New and Unique Free-handed Halloween Airbrushed Design.....

On a Delicious Bakery Cake, from the Creative Art Studio Of "Uber SpoonyG".... Not your regular Sunday go to meeting Cake here.....

These Artistic Custom Airbrushed cakes add a touch of "Panache" to your Memorable Moments.

As a Career Studio Artist, I am constantly seeking to always stretch my boundaries ....these "take the Cake", chuckle, in terms of merging classic training with New Technology.

Designs like these can be ordered via calling 989 372 0303 or through Contact Us on our webpage

View also recent Art Projects and studio insights from the mind of "Uber SpoonyG" at

F.Y.I: For maximium Punch and Panache' use two shades of each color!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Airbrushed Bakery Cakes for Halloween3

Radical side view.

3/4 frontal shot.

This is how it all starts!

Devilishly Sumptuous Airbrushed Halloween Cakes!
To all you Witchies, Ghosties, Goblins and Ghouls! Are you awaiting the deep dark madness of Halloween festivities? Booooooo……
Here’s the perfect cake for your Home or Office Party!
This is the third in the Halloween series by Artist “ Spoony G”.
The alluring hollow midnight moon reflects on the bats flying about and the ghouly pumpkin smiling his Spooky smile….. The green swamp haze floats over the edge casting slight illusionary mist over the cats & bats in the shadows…
This cake is sure to be the talk of your upcoming soirée!

Artist “Uber SpoonyG” is one of a small few in USA doing Airbrushed Bakery Cakes! Unique, Festive and totally customizable!
Order yours today by calling 989 372 0303 or via our website.

These are Halloween themes, but you can order any theme, character or whatever your Imagination dreams up. Let me know what you sure to catch all the fine detail design accents, they are pretty fun to make!
For other amazing Custom work,

FYI: When airbrushing cakes the air pressure is unusually low, however if it’s too low you lose detail and sharpness of lines.